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We create tailored user experiences amplified by technology

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Amply is a design and technology agency based in Gothenburg Sweden. We make and ship digital products.

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What we do

Project Management

With project management, we take control of the structuring, planning and the execution of projects. By using our experience, proven skills and methodologies, we lead projects forward from start to finish.

UX/UI Design

All digital products should be pleasant to use. Through user research, creative interaction design and close developer collaboration we deliver experiences that empowers users and tickles the eye.

Software Development

By using modern technologies such as React, TypeScript, Python and PostgreSQL, to name a few, we can transform your idea into usable technology. We can help you create something completely new or modernize an already existing application.

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Development Operations, DevOps, closes the gap between developers and operations. With great expertise, we help organizations with their pipeline and cloud configuration, no matter whether it is a virtual machine or a container instance on AWS. From code to deploy.

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Who we are

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Länsförsäkringar Göteborg och Bohuslänk
Volvofinans Bank
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We are located at Vallgatan 3 in Gothenburg. V3 studio is our office that we share with the V3 family, which is a group of specialist agencies offering all from service design, project management to data/AI, automation, transformation and application development. This means we often collaborate in projects between the different companies, creating an incredible strength in diversity and knowledge areas in what we can offer.