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At Amply, we believe tech should be made for humans and not the other way around. We want tech to enrich our lives and make things easier. By using tech in combination with research within user experience, we aim not only to create applications, but to create software that we, as humans, enjoy using.

We help you bring your ideas to life whether you are about to create something completely new or to modernize an already existing application.

To prove how much we care about tech, we have created a Tech Radar. The Tech Radar is a list of technologies, and ways to work with these technologies. The radar is a visual tool to present what technologies that we are profient in and recommend for new projects. It also shows technologies which we know and can use but might not recommend for a new project.

Backend Development

We help you develop backend services by creating API, database and webhook integrations


Evolve and structure your cloud services to ensure security, performance and availability while keeping costs down


Create build pipelines ensuring that code is production ready. All the way from code to deploy

Frontend Development

Build secure and performant web applications for both internal and external use

Software Architecture

Design and plan you IT strcuture with best practices suitable for your business needs


With unit and end-to-end tests we make sure all code lives up to their expected requirements

How to read the Tech Radar?

Each tool, technique, platform or language & framework is defined by what is called a "blip". These blips are diveded in rings that describes the level of confidence we have in the area. The level of confidence and recommendation we put into each blip is represented by a division into the following rings:


  • ADOPT — We seriously recommend usage of blips within this ring. We also have great confidence in being able to use this technology.
  • TRIAL — Blips within this ring are considered to be ready for use, but they might not be as well proven or well-versed as the blips in the adopt ring. It could also be the case that we at Amply have not had the opportunity to try and evaluate this technology completely.
  • ASSESS — Technologies that are interesting and have a potential value for us. However, we might not think that the technologies within this ring is ready for trial yet.
  • HOLD — In the HOLD ring the technologies can have some different aspects to them. Either the case can be that we have great knowledge within the tech, but find it flawed. It also might be that we consider the technology to be deprecated while still having a lot of knowledge in it. However, the common attribute for the blips within this ring is that we do not recommend to use them for new projects. Even though we might have the experience and knowledge to maintain and continue existing projects using the tech.

What is the purpose?

The purpose of the Amply Tech Radar is to provide a clear image of Amply, both to potential clients and recruits. We want to be transparent about our areas of expertise and how we prefer to work. At Amply we also want to be able to share out experience and expertise in technologies. The Tech Radar also becomes a tool to be able to reflect upon what technologies that should be explored as well as how we would like to work in the future. This Tech Radar is based on the original Tech Radar by ThoughtWorks and the source code to create this radar was open sourced by Zalando, so a huge shout-out to them.

How do we maintain it?

The Tech Radar is maintained and updated by us at Amply as a whole. We constantly discuss new tools, techniques etc. By doing this we ensure that we stay relevant and at top of our game. Do you think that we are missing something in our radar? Let us know!